How to Study Physics

You, like many students, may view college level physics as difficult. You, again like many students, may seem overwhelmed by new terms and equations. You may not have had...

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3 Tips to Develop Mnemonics

The three fundamental principles underlying the use of mnemonics are: Association Imagination Location Working together, these principles can be used to generate powerful mnemonic...

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The ‘Golden 20′ for Academic Success!

Go to class regularly.   Be on time.   Sit to the front and center of the classroom.   Bring a pen, paper,  calculators, clarks table , notebook, and study materials.  ...

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Time Management Tips

Time is not a commodity to purchase  or save.  You can only use it in constructive or destructive manner. There is a Chinese saying that “Time is life. If, you kill time, you...

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PU Board Updates


PU  board   Updates

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Learn How to be the best student

What is NLP?

NLP is a technique that will enhance the ability of the student to learn better.

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About us

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